Chrome Extensions of the Month - December 2022

Chrome Extensions of the Month - December 2022


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In this article, I will suggest to you some of the best extensions you need to install for better productivity that can come in very handy. So without further due, let's get into it.

1. NOVA (new tab)

Nova is one of the best new tab extensions for Chrome with a minimalistic, light and dark theme, and a fully customizable New Tab page with a built-in to-do list, clock, calendar, Pomodoro, notes, RSS reader, weather and news.

2. DeepL Translate

DeepL Translate lets you translate from one language to another. Sounds similar? Yes. It sounds like Google translate. The main difference is that it has tons of features such as-

  • Translate while you are writing.

  • Translate while you are reading.

  • Full-page translation (For PRO users).

  • It supports 26 languages.

  • If you visit their website then you can even translate the whole document (.pdf, .docx, .ppt)

3. StayFree

StayFree - Web Analytics & Screen Time Tracker is analytics, self-control, productivity, and web addiction controller extension. StayFree provides analytics to help you understand how you are using the internet (daily website usage statistics), and factors leading to distractions (such as advertisements you have seen), and focus your time by restricting the usage of distracting websites.

4. Listly

Listly converts any website to Excel in just a few clicks. Speed up your data collection and put your time and effort into what really matters to you. You can also Schedule a daily extraction.

5. Minimal Theme for Twitter

Minimal Theme for Twitter refines and cleans up the Twitter interface, and adds useful features and customizations:

  • Remove the distracting trends sidebar

  • Customize your Timeline width

  • Remove Timeline and Tweet borders for a more minimalistic look

  • Customize the left navigation

  • Hide vanity counts under tweets

  • Remove promoted posts

  • Remove "Who to Follow" and other suggestions

  • Hide the Search Bar

  • Hide the Tweet button

  • Hide View Counts

6. Robots Exclusion Checker

Robots Exclusion Checker is designed to visually indicate whether any robots exclusions are preventing your page from being crawled or indexed by Search Engines

The extension reports on 5 elements:

  • Robots.txt

  • Meta Robots tag

  • X-robots-tag

  • Rel=Canonical

  • UGC, Sponsored and Nofollow attribute values

7. Motion DevTools

Motion DevTools is a browser extension to inspect, edit and export animations made with CSS and Motion One. I highly recommend you use this extension if you work with animations.

8. Chroma

Chroma is a free, user-friendly color tool that allows you to easily sample colors from your screen while browsing the internet. It is highly intuitive and simple to use.

9. Monaco Markdown Editor For GitHub

Monaco Markdown Editor For GitHub is an open-source extension that replaces all GitHub text areas for authoring markdowns with a monaco editor.


  • Syntax Highlighting of Markdown and Code Snippets

  • Tab to indent and Shift+Tab to outdent entire selections

  • Multi-Cursor Editing

10. Dopely Colors

Dopely Colors is a package of advanced color tools that we believed to be essential for every creator.


  • Color Picker

  • Color Gradient Generator

  • Color Tab

  • Color Contrast Checker

  • Color Blindness Simulator

  • Color Toner

  • Save & Export your colors

Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ„

Wrapping up

These were some extensions for this month (December 2022). You might have heard some before, but if you like anyone then don't forget to press โค๏ธ. I have personally used all the above extensions and from my experience, every extension is worth installing.